Goodnight Moon πŸŒ™ I will post the reading results for the full moon in Pisces by tomorrow. The energy feels highly transformative and psychic! The moon is in the magnetic earth sign of Capricorn until Wednesday when she’ll enter the air sign of Aquarius. Both the sun and Mars are in a square with Jupiter revealing some hidden passion or driving egoic force that might be keeping you from reaching your goals or your highest and greatest.

Venus moves into Virgo

Venus, the planet of beauty, love and connection along with money, sexuality, femininity, is transiting the earth mother, goddess, virgin sign of Virgo.
Energy is moving into the earth sign of virgo and the sun will enter Virgo tomorrow, too!
What is your natal Venus placement? Mine is Venus in Virgo! Venus in Virgo can be sensual and sensitive but it may take her time to build intimacy. The Venus in Virgo person is observant and detail oriented they will write love notes and remember specifics of what their partner desires. They are drawn to the unusual, maybe a quiet type. They may tend to be more submissive and pleasing and enjoy a partner who notices their feelings and likes.
Venus will be in the sign of Virgo until the 14th of September when she enters Libra. This energy will bring healing and details about how you percieve and experience beauty and sexuality. And so it is!

Sun moves into Virgo!

The sun moves into the mutable Earth sign Virgo the Earth goddess, virgin and mother. She is a practical person who is good with their hands. She is a healer. This energy will bring fresh energy and a desire for increased health and fitness as well as decreasing clutter and any disorganization. Self care for a Virgo is organizing your desk drawer or redoing your closet or making a dream board. She likes the monotonous and helping others and will grow immensely with her own self care, that is that by focusing on her own care, herself, she will be a highly effective and powerful being. She’s efficient and sensitive although not great at expressing it. Virgo rules the intestines and digestion so you may notice the incoming Virgo energy affects your intestines, too depending on what Virgo you have in your natal chart, etc.Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet ruling communication and thinking bringing us a lot of fresh energy to organize and move forward in areas of our life that we’ve had a tough time getting started on or moving forward in. Virgo, like every other sign does have a lower vibration as well, she’s a perfectionist and over analytical she pushes everyone away and in intimate relationships she seeks a partner she can fix, not an equal.Stay grounded and focus on loving and caring for yourself this Virgo season as we have many grand trine’s this season moving us forward into action. This Virgo energy is needed as we move into 2020. This is the time to plant your seeds 2020 will be a very big year for us! And so it is!
Indigo Raven, Daughter of the Dragon