Transforming pain and holding space for transformative gratitude.

Rocking the H wave on my metal foot! The VA is really pushing these machines….i know everyone is going through something!  I know that being vulnerable and sharing my feelings and fears will hold space for someone else on this journey.  Dealing with chronic pain and injuries, for me,  is another opportunity to transform energy and to practice focus and gratitude.  Isn’t it crazy how much we take for granted, until we no longer have it or it’s painful or difficult to use?  The pain is so visceral it’s debilitating sometimes but it’s an opportunity.  An opportunity to heal,  an opportunity to overcome,  to release, surrender and to feel.  Pain can be used as a learning tool and as an opportunity to surrender.  We choose.  I am so grateful for the reminder that I am alive and I release the need for that reminder to be painful.  This too will make me stronger! And so it is. 


Published by Indigo Raven

I am a Certified Holistic Healer and Usui Reiki Master and teacher. I use all of Spirits gifts- tarot, divination, astrology and alchemy in my healing and counseling. I love nature and use stones and crystals often. I study and adore folklore and mythology which you'll often hear me channel and discuss. So looking forward to connecting and helping you be the happiest, healthiest version of you. Blessed be and merry meet! ❤🙏

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