April 26 astro update

Sun in Taurus, moon in Gemini. 

Pluto moves retrograde today, in Capricorn! The moon will trine Saturn who recently entered Aquarius, ushering in the Aquarian age.  A trine is a harmonious blessing (x3) so expect Saturn in Aquarius trine the moon offer less restriction or blocks with regard to individuality. It’s a blessed day to take time for yourself, break down boundaries and open up. We are expanding.  We are not victims,  we can lovingly choose ascension. 

Mercury will square Pluto and Jupiter making it day of review, what are you expanding, what is your souls purpose?  Mercury is restricted with these squares so take your time communicating and notice the messages you receive!

Blessed be, 



Sometimes unlearning social contracts, patterns or beliefs is the way your soul needs to learn. It’s time to honor our heart space. If it doesn’t resonate with the heart space, let it fade away or release it. Keep touching base with yourself. What is it you truly desire? One of my favourite super heroes is Wolverine. He was made to be a killer. He didn’t know the intentions of the creators he only knew that he was heartbroken or felt he had to, in order to defeat his brother, Sabertooth. In Logan, Wolverine says “don’t become what they made you” speaking to the little girl version of him they created. They made her a weapon, just like they made him a weapon. But he had consciousness, not just programming. What if our reality has limiting beliefs that we can transcend by unlearning the constraints of this reality? That’s why it’s so important to be your authentic self and to choose you. Holding space for authenticity is transformative and allows for others to transform and be more authentic and loving, too. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-_JP9sjw-Vzi-4pfSppqXJop4P-10v4e-Doh40/?igshid=1jg0fzizd5ks4

Transforming pain and holding space for transformative gratitude.

Rocking the H wave on my metal foot! The VA is really pushing these machines….i know everyone is going through something!  I know that being vulnerable and sharing my feelings and fears will hold space for someone else on this journey.  Dealing with chronic pain and injuries, for me,  is another opportunity to transform energy and to practice focus and gratitude.  Isn’t it crazy how much we take for granted, until we no longer have it or it’s painful or difficult to use?  The pain is so visceral it’s debilitating sometimes but it’s an opportunity.  An opportunity to heal,  an opportunity to overcome,  to release, surrender and to feel.  Pain can be used as a learning tool and as an opportunity to surrender.  We choose.  I am so grateful for the reminder that I am alive and I release the need for that reminder to be painful.  This too will make me stronger! And so it is. 


Mercury moves retrograde in Pisces (then Aquarius) 16 February-9 March!

Mercury the messenger planet,  represented by the Greek god Hermes Trismegistus called Mercury in Roman and Thoth in Egyptian mythology. They carried a staff called the caduceus which represent two serpents rising which has been used in much mythological and modern day imagery. 

Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo, the 3rd and 6th astrological house’s.  The 3rd house represents communication and intellect (Gemini) and the 6th house rules the mundane, obstacles and our health (Virgo). In Pisces the 3rd house can be fuzzy scattered thoughts,  disassociation, tendency to abuse drugs,  clairvoyant,  empathic and highly intuitive STAY GROUNDED and remember not to judge yourself – you are your first line of defense and you need to decide right now whether you love yourself or naw –

6th house in Pisces you NEED time for yourself right now if you don’t take a step back in some way your health is affected at this time.  We make better decisions when we’re loving, balanced and grounded.

This mercury retrograde is a time to revisit your habits and goals, especially with regard to how you take care of yourself! You may try journaling when your thinking is fuzzy and never underestimate the healing power of baths or water in general especially with the sun also moving into Pisces! During this transit we’ll have a Pisces new moon and a Virgo full moon highlighting the virgo Pisces axis which is the balance between dreaming and doing. This Virgo full moon is asking you to manifest your dreams and goals! So plan now. Make a dream board and really visualize your dreams and goals coming true! If you’re looking for spiritual counseling, crystals, astrological charts, reiki energy healing or tarot readings I offer them online. To book please email me at indigoravenheals@gmail.com AND SO IT IS! BLESSED BE!

Mercury to move retrograde

Venus in Aries, love leads and ego transforms.

Venus moves into Aries tomorrow beloved’s, expect love, beauty and intimacy to be the major influences. Venus rules the second and the seventh house’s. The second house deals with material possessions and the seventh has to do with relationships.

Aries is ruled by Mars and is cardinal, meaning it brings the energy of a leader, a warrior. Aries rules the first house which has to do with the ego and the personality. So it feels like our relationships and what we value are being infused with the self (Aries, first house) . It will be important to observe the ego at this time. Know that relationships are transforming as you personally transform your ego, self and personality. This energy is active for about the next 4 weeks.

Venus will also trine the moon tomorrow as she moves into the fire sign Leo in a waxing gibbus at 0°Leo (the full moon is 20°Leo which will occur on the 9th).

Remember that beauty is diverse and comes from within! 💞🙏🏽🐉
And so it is.


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